Our application ensures users a 40% reduction in time-to-proficiency and a 60% higher retention rate of knowledge. Instructions made with SwipeGuide are 50% more effective! Ask our customers.

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    OneBlade by Philips

  • TEAM

    Willemijn Schneyder


    Willemijn is the business developer of SwipeGuide. She wins over the hearts and minds of our (launching) customers and translates their desires to the development of the SwipeGuide Platform.

    Daan Assen


    Daan is the instructional expert within SwipeGuide. He is responsible for our methodology and setting up the InstructionLAB with the University of Twente.

    Kristijan Ristovski

    Building our product

    Kitze is the lead front-end developer of SwipeGuide. Together with the team he develops the SwipeGuide platform and mobile interfaces.

    Arielle van der Linden

    Designing our product

    Arielle is UI/UX Designer responsible for creating a great user experience for SwipeGuide. She is a creative designer for Mobile & Web application.

    Marielle Herwich

    Intern instructional design

    Marielle is a student at the University of Twente. She helps our customers get started on designing minimalistic and visual user guides.

    Tim Rijke

    Digital marketeer

    Tim is the digital marketeer that will make sure SwipeGuide will have a voice, an inspiring website where you can sign-up and a great content to help you find your way into the new era of visual user guides.

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