Our application ensures users a 40% reduction in time-to-proficiency and a 60% higher retention rate of knowledge. Instructions made with SwipeGuide are 50% more effective! Ask our customers.


    User manuals or instructions play a critical role in your customer's journey with your product. Make sure you provide your customers with engaging instructions that they can use when and where they need them.


    Our software application ensures you a 40% reduction in time-to-proficiency and 60% higher retention rates for your customers. Tap into the power of mobile technology and visual instruction to create absolute customer advocates.


    Field service engineers need access to insightful instructions in their day-to-day job. Our software application offers a unique way to create installation or maintenance instructions that are easy to understand, follow a visual step-by-step approach and are available through any mobile device. Reducing your cost of service!


    Traditional work instructions are text-based, hard to find and hard to understand for employees.


    Our software application offers instant mobile access to visual step-by-step instructions that help your employees perform complex and/or high risk tasks without problems.


    Patient instructions for medical equipment and complex medication play a critical role in the success rate of patient treatment. Make sure you provide your patients with easy-to- understand visual step-by-step instructions for realtime use on their mobile devices. 


    Our software application ensures you a proven increased success rate of your instructions by 50%! Tap into the power of mobile technology and visual instruction and ask our team for a live demo today.

  • Add and rearrange any components you want.


    We are on a mission to simplify your world by making any new task easier to do.

    One user manual, one work instruction at a time!


    With the SwipeGuide software application anyone can easily create effective instructions-for-use without being a technical writer or instructional designer.


    Clear visuals

    Instructions with text overload reduce effectiveness. Human brain can process images in as little as 13 milliseconds. Use the power of visuals!


    100% Mobile Access

    SwipeGuides look good on any device. Optimized for smartphone, tablet and desktop delivery.



    With the SwipeGuide solution you can setup a dedicated instruction platform for your company. You can tailor it to your needs and brand it.


    Insightful Analytics

    With SwipeGuide you can collect data on task performance. Track correct performance of procedures or collect customer behavior using the guides.


  • TEAM

    Willemijn Schneyder


    Willemijn is the business developer of SwipeGuide. She wins over the hearts and minds of our (launching) customers and translates their desires to the development of the SwipeGuide Platform.

    Daan Assen


    Daan is the instructional expert within SwipeGuide. He is responsible for our methodology and setting up the InstructionLAB with the University of Twente.

    Kristijan Ristovski

    Building our product

    Kitze is the lead front-end developer of SwipeGuide. Together with the team he develops the SwipeGuide platform and mobile interfaces.

    Arielle van der Linden

    Designing our product

    Arielle is UI/UX Designer responsible for creating a great user experience for SwipeGuide. She is a creative designer for Mobile & Web application.

    Marielle Herwich

    Intern instructional design

    Marielle is a student at the University of Twente. She helps our customers get started on designing minimalistic and visual user guides.

    Tim Rijke

    Digital marketeer

    Tim is the digital marketeer that will make sure SwipeGuide will have a voice, an inspiring website where you can sign-up and a great content to help you find your way into the new era of visual user guides.

  • Our timeline

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  • Jobs

    We always strive for the best.

    Working for a tech start-up

    SwipeGuide is a start-up in the field of learning software. SwipeGuide offers a cloud platform for creating, sharing and using visual step-by-step instructions. Our platform is based upon evidence-based instruction principles. SwipeGuide brings user & employee instructions to the smartphone in a compelling format using the intelligent features of the device to make instructions more relevant and effective and automating instructional design principles. SwipeGuide runs as a prototype with launching customers like Philips and Ziggo. Now we are at a point where we want to finalise the technical development of the cloud platform the next 6 months together with launching customers and supported by the co-operation with the University of Twente. For this 'sprint' we're looking to expand our existing team.

    Software engineer/developer (internship)

    We are looking a final year student Computer Science, Engineering or equivalent, a future software engineer/ developer to join us in our quest to create the next industry standard for user-manuals and user-instructions.


    Your role

    Ideally you already are an experienced software engineer/developer with experience in full stack development, but at least you should feel confident becoming one. As a member of our development team you will help shape and realise our development roadmap for the coming period. What technologies and features will our SaaS platform need to be able to let our clients succeed in creating effective visual step-by-step instructions for use on mobile devices. What API’s or embed should we develop and how should our architecture scale? You’re a big thinker, but you know how to deliver step-by-step and with a strong focus on user experience.


    You will be researching possible technologies for the our platform, as well as designing and implementing new functionalities. Ideally you love to crack machine learning challenges with our instructional designer. You will be working in a variable sized team of 2-4 developers and designers and report to the cofounders. As our company grows you’ll grow with it.



    • Work independently and own multiple features of the product
    • Transform requirements into architectural and feature specs
    • Design & implement features, required APIs, test suites or other technology according to specifications, while keeping a strong customer focus and user experience
    • Collaborate with other developers and engineers to ensure our deliverables meet the required (client) quality standards
    • Perform research on various technologies useful for the platform

    Time Commitment / Contract

    We don’t offer traditional contracts rather we offer a cooperation agreement which outlines what we expect from each other and how we work together as a team. We work output based which means that the hours you work, where you work or how is up to you based on some shared basic values. Following our agile scrum development methodology output is agreed upon within the development team per sprint. You will be able to work from home or in our office space at B2. Amsterdam.


    What we offer

    • The opportunity to work in a start-up environment with all its ups and downs
    • A teal organisation in build-up
    • Work from the comfort of your own home and our office space.
    • A well paid internship with a job offer at the end if we’re good match


    • Final year Education in Computer Science, Engineering or equivalent
    • Experience in software development
    • Excellent problem solving abilities
    • Programming skills
    • Knowledge of services oriented architectures and server side technologies is preferred
    • Fluent in English (both written and spoken)
    • Able to cope with strong team dynamics
    If you think you're match, please reach out to willemijn@swipeguide.co or daan@swipeguide.co
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